What do you see?

If you were to look at your finger,

what tissues would you see from the outside to center of your finger?

Take a guess, then move your cursor over the slide for the answer.

Are you guessing right?

Are you there yet?

Good Job!

Directional Terms

1.         anterior (ventral)– front side of body, face side

2.        posterior (dorsal)– back side of body

3.        superior– above

4.        inferior– below

5.        medial–  toward the middle

6.        lateral– toward the side

7.        proximal– toward the point of origin of a limb or structure

8.        distal– away from the point of origin of a limb or structure

9.        superficial– toward the surface

10.     deep– away from the surface

11.     peripheral– away from the center

12.     supine-lying face up, palms anterior

13.     prone-lying face down, palms posterior

New Muscle PowerPoints

You can find the new Muscle PowerPoints page  Here.

or select your preference below

Lower Muscle PowerPoint   (Updated 020410)

Upper Muscle PowerPoint


Pathways – Circulatory ♥

This lecture section – lets do circulatory pathways!

Like taking a trip to the beach, we will need to travel on certain roads to get there and back, and because we have limited time for this pleasure (we have toooo much anatomy studying to do) we must take the quickest path to get there and back.



I will state a FROM location, and a TO location. See if you can get there and back. Please don’t forget about the little side streets (or our ‘ACVs’-arterioles, capillaries, venules).

Starting Simple, Pathway #1:

FROM Superior Vena Cava TO Pulmonary Veins   Answer Pathway #1   (11 steps)


Pathway #2 FROM Hepatic Vein TO Brain       Answer Pathway #2  (22 steps)

Pathway #3 FROM elbow of right arm TO Spleen    Answer Pathway #3 (long one!)

Pathway #4 FROM Thoracic Vertebral Column TO Left Ovary  Answer Pathway #4 (25 steps)

Pathway #5 Pulmonary Circulation     Answer Pathway #5 (16 steps)

Pathway #6 FROM Pancreas TO Spleen    Answer Pathway #6  (30 steps)

Pathway #7 FROM 3rd Digit of the Right Hand TO 3rd Digit of the Left Hand  Answer Pathway #7 (32 steps)

Daily 5


   Play the Daily 5






(E4-D5-1)            Answers

(E4-D5-2)            Answers
(E4-D5-3)            Answers
(E4-D5-4)            Answers
(E4-D5-5)            Answers
(E4-D5-6)            Answers
(E4-D5-7)            Answers
(E4-D5-8)            Answers
(E4-D5-9)            Answers
(E4-D5-10)          Answers
(E4-D5-11)          Answers
(E4-D5-12)          Answers
(E4-D5-13)          Answers
(E4-D5-14)          Answers – Last one!



 These questions are for Exam IV, on PNS, ANS, Crainal Nerves, Ear and Eye

To help get those synapses working a daily 5-questions for 2 weeks was created to help with this exam. You can:

  • select the question
  • write your answers down
  • check your answers  




(E4=Exam 4, D5=Daily 5, 1= number, this is the first)








Brachial Plexus

This video is by the Medical College of Georgia – Gross Anatomy and is available for free from itunes.

Cat Circulation Model